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Natural Creations Salon

The Organic Color System has no amonia hydroxide which is corrosive to the hair and toxic to the environment.  Amonia also has a negative effect on the bronchial system.  Clients no longer have to suffer scalp stinging, itching, burning, or staining.  The hair looks and feels much more like natural hair.  The colors have a greatly reduced fade factor.  This means clients are able to enjoy the color tone for a longer period of time.  There is no unpleasant chemical smell while the service is being performed on the client.

The Organic Curl System is completely free of amonia or amonia derivatives.  It is more comfortable to use and does no damage to the hairs sensitive structure.  It is a system with plant amino acids and certified organic extracts of aloe vera.   Chamomile and comfrey for comfort and conditioning.  This curl system can be used on any head of hair whether it is bleached, colored, normal or resistant.  The curls last longer with this system.

Natural Creations Studio

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Natural Creations Salon - Specializing In Natural & Organic Products
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